Sunday, May 5th 2019.


Sigil Workshop & Ritual |Part 1| (12pm-3pm)

This is a workshop features a brief sigil history, creating a personal sigil candle, witch-crafting, and ritual!

This workshop, hosted by Janine Houseman from Creatrix Collective, was created to shed light and understanding about how to create sigils and utilize them in our daily practice.

Don’t worry you don’t have to be an artist to make a sigil, nor do you have to be an expert in witchery to join in circle and share your magick!

During this workshop we will learn a brief Sigil history and how Sigils work.

After learning about sigils and how to create them, we will decorate a candle with our sigils.

To seal the magick, we will cast a circle and you will be guided through a closing ritual.

Creatrix Collective is a safe space for open minded individuals, and welcomes those who will contribute to the positive environment we create at Creatrix Collective!

This workshop requests a $30.00 donation for supplies.

Thirteen witches are welcome. Please PayPal me @

Must bring a journal and pen & please be mindful not to wear clothes that you don’t want paint, glue, marker, or glitter on


Sigil Workshop & Ritual |Part 2| (4pm-6pm)

Sigil Workshop + Ritual (Part 2) is planting the seed for manifesting new into your life.

There is room for 13 witches!

Utilizing two techniques / forms of Sigil, and digging deeper into our own subconscious, we find symbolism for magick manifestation.

This Workshop is meant to bring forth and give life to ideas and desires that have been dormant through out the winter.

During the Workshop expect:

•Circle / Sharing: in circle it is a safe place to feel supported and share! Together we will discuss what we want to manifest and understanding / applying symbolism into our individual practice.

•Spirit Journey: or guided meditation, you do not need experience, just an open mind, as I will be guiding you through this.

•WITCH-crafting: paint, markers, creating( don’t worry you do not need experience, it is intuitive & fun)

•Ritual: building energy to manifest something new in our life!
Planting the seed: literally. We will be planting a gift into the earth, so wear clothes you don’t care about! Hehe!
Visualize a cauldron in the center of a grassy space surrounded by trees and waking nature. Hear the voices of you soul sisters chanting, swaying to the beat of a drum, as birds flutter about curiously. See your fingers digging into the earth to gift the spring maiden with a seed from which your magick will sprout.


This workshop requests a $30.00 donation for supplies.

Thirteen witches are welcome. Please PayPal me @

Look forward to creating magick with you CREATRIX!



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These workshops are $30 if you are only going to one.

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